Material Damage

Campbell Insurance Brokers policy provides cover to repair or replace property assets that are lost or damaged. The policy can also include the following:

  • Capital additions
  • Employees tools and effects
  • Money on the premises
  • Refrigerated goods
  • Professional fees expended to reinstate the property
  • Protection costs
  • Seasonal stock increase


Engineering Plant & Interruptions                           

Engineering plant insurance, commonly known as 'Machinery Breakdown' insurance, protects owners or operators of fixed machinery, boilers and pressure vessels by covering unbudgeted repair costs when breakdown or accidental damage occurs.

The policy can be further extended to cover:

  • Explosion and collapse only (boilers and/or pressure vessels)
  • Deterioration of stock in cold storage
  • Increase cost of working (for production plant).


Engineering Business Interruption Insurance

Engineering Business Interruption Insurance is designed to provide cover for losses arising from interruption or interference to the business following plant or equipment failure. The policy works in conjunction with the Engineering Plant Insurance or Electronic Equipment Insurance Policies, to protect profits that would be affected by Insured Damage.

The policies are designed to interlock and complement each other. The definitions of Insured Damage are identical and a claim must be admitted under the Engineering material damage policy before a claim is admitted under the Business Interruption policy.


Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment Insurance caters for business insurance needs for computer and electronic equipment. It can be tailored to make the cover suit requirements.

The basic policy can be extended to cover:

  • Electronic data restoration costs
  • Increased cost of working
  • Moveable equipment.