Taking Charge at Claim time.

You experience a large claim?   Perhaps everything you own is lost and you are desperate to get your Insurance Company to settle your claim. 

The loss Adjuster turns up and promises you that they are employed by the Insurance Company to take over and assist you.  Relax, your in good hands.   

Or should you? 

We would suggest not.  

We recommend that before the smoke has settled, that you need to engage your own experts in the claims process.  


By establishing the facts accurately, you are in a much better position to negotiate any settlement down the track.  In large claims, there are many factors in play.  "Out of Policy" settlements are becoming normal practice. 

How will you know what the correct repair cost or replacement cost actually are?   In many cases, the cuase may not be as clear as you are lead to believe? 

As Independent Brokers, we have experts to assist and increasingly it is proving critical to get a fair settlement in our modern competitive world.

The secret is being proactive immediately.  Very difficult to get the tooth paste back in the tube later.