Reducing Your Business Insurance Costs, using technology

In much the same way Uber changed the taxi industry, we are changing the insurance industry, using the latest technology to reduce our costs. 

The concept is as simple as making a phone call.


Easy. We conduct an initial site visit, then from that meeting on, we use video communication.

No unnecessary travel costs for us. Reduced meeting times for you. We all know a 30-minute meeting can take twice that long.


If lowering your insurance costs is of interest, keep reading


Benefits for our Clients

Our lowered costs are passed back to our client's bottom line. All with improved service levels and more convenient interactions.

Our model greatly reduces costs, without any loss of coverage.

Best of all, you can stay with the same insurers if that is your preference.

Traditional Brokers have the following fixed overheads

  • Offices & all the associated costs. (rents, power, rates, heating, cleaning, insurance)

  • Brokers & Support Staff run up thousands of kilometers on company cars.

  • Travel time, fuel, lunches all incurred visiting clients.

  • Head Offices have to be paid for by someone.


Okay. So what’s the next step?

There are three easy options.

If you simply want a price for comparison, we simply need a full copy of your existing schedule. We will obtain quotes based on same values, and report back.


If you have some reservations about your coverage, we arrange a site visit where we conduct a full review of your business before quoting.


If you feel it's time for a change, we'll simply take over the existing policies. Then we can set up a meeting, at a convenient time, and ensure all the boxes are ticked. 



Just drop us an email advising us of your preferred option

We promise it's easy. That's the point